General-Files : A simple but powerful file search engine

December 2, 2011 | by

Are you looking for a website to download anything which are hosted on the popular file sharing sites like magaupload, rapidshare etc, then General-Files is the one stop solution for that. You can search and download anything you can imagine such as download free movies, files, software, videos, songs etc.

General Files helps you to search a file using a particular file name. Means it indexes the file name only. To get a desired file you should know the exact name of the file. The elegant site with well crafted navigational system helps you to pin point the right stuff. Files are grouped to several categories such as Hot files, Latest added files, Most downloaded files, Most rated files, Most commented files etc.

A sister site of General Files called General-Catalog (GC) indexes the description of the files along with. So General Catalog find the files which you won’t find using General Files. Here we can see General Catalog is more user friendly than General Files and it serves as a free file directory or a file catalogue. If you are looking for E Books, Software, TV Shows or whatever it may be, you can go to the corresponding directory of GC.


Another associated service in this range is (GD). This is a free download manager which facilitates the limitations-free downloading from the file sharing sites like Rapidshare, Magaupload, Fileserve, Hotfile etc. Normally these files sharing sites put limitations to the free users such as “One minute waiting”, “Visit sponsor page”, Enter Captcha etc. Here General downloader bypasses all these limitations and enables single click download. This application is specifically designed to work with General Files and General Catalogs. General Downloader integrated with the popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

General Files All these three services are complement each other. Over 325 million files are indexed in General?-Files. With General files, General catalog and general downloader you have the ultimate search file search engine and downloading features at your fingertips.


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