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A good website must be both reader as well as search engine friendly. If your blog is not optimized for search engines, then you have less chance of getting desirable results in search engine results . Search Engine Optimization is not a one time effort. It’s a continuous as well as  time taking process.  Here the SEOPressor WordPress Plugin  automates your SEO efforts and helps to achieve top position in search engine especially in Google.

How SEOPressor WordPress Plugin helps to achieve top ranking in search results?

Basics of Search Engine Optimization starts from On Page SEO. On Page Search Engine Optimization involves many things such as URL structure, Title tags, Image Tags, Permalinks, Keywords, Header tags, alt tags, Internal linking, Keyword emphasis, Keyword density etc. You can do all these things manually but it’s quiet time taking and tough. Here SEOPressor wins. This awesome plugin plugin gives a  SEO audit by considering the above mentioned on page SEO factors in your WordPress dashboard while writing blog posts. Just follow the suggestions and optimize your blog posts to rank high in search engines.


Analyzes Title and Heading Tags

SEOPressor intelligently analyze the Heading and Title tags for the presence of Keywords  and suggests the necessary changes for optimization. Heading and Title tags are the most important factors of search engine rankings.

Keyword density, Content length and Placement

It is a known fact that search engines, especially Google love fairly long contents. Density of your keywords in the content can influence the search engine ranking. It doesn’t mean that you have to stuff the contents with keywords. SEOPressor analyze the keyword density, content length and Keyword Placement then suggest the changes to improve the optimization.

Images and Links

Images and internal links are one of the important factors which affect your search engine ranking. SEOPressor analyze the links and images on your content and suggests necessary measures to improve the rankings. To improve the on-page optimization, SEOPressor automatically add your Keyword as alt text to the images.

SEO Value of Images

Font Decorations

Bold, Italics and underlined font decorations have considerable importance in  SEO point of view. SEOPressor analyze the font decorations and intelligently do the needful to make your content search engine friendly.

Apart from these, SEOPressor is capable of testing and rating of each page/post of your blog and reveals your on-page  SEO Scores. Moreover it recalculates the SEO scores when your content changes. Two versions are available for purchase-

SEOPressor Single Site-Can use for one single domain , free life time updates with priority support. Single site version costs 47$

SEOPressor Unlimited– This version can be used for unlimited number of domains. Free life time updates, priority support and installation service. This multi site version costs 97$.

Giving away three copies of SEOPressor Unlimited edition worth 291$.

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