Go Soccer flick style soccer goal arcade game

November 9, 2010 | by

Soccer fanatics will go bonkers over Go Soccer, the exciting flick-control game for casual play in between halves of a soccer match up, or any spare time in particular. Go Soccer takes players and have them take aim with the ball at a designated moving target inside of digital soccer goal posts. Shooting entails flicking the ball using the touch screen, with each successful hit garnering the player points, as well as add-on bonuses for combo hits.

There are two fun modes in Go Soccer. In the first one, Challenge mode, competing players are given ten balls each to shoot with, and the game calculates their scores for the round using several criteria including number of combos, accuracy percentage and total number of hits to come up with a final score. The other mode is called Chain mode and here the objective of the players is to score the longest combo of successive hits.

There is little complexity when it comes to playing the game. The addition of a physics component, wind factor, makes successfully hitting the ball deceptively simple. Targets that jump from their original location within the goal posts provide another added challenge to gameplay. Overall, Go Soccer is about improving one’s aim and figuring out tactics to go around the aforementioned variables. And while getting a good feel of the controls is easy enough, attaining a high level of marksmanship when shooting those balls can only be achieved through practice. The two game modes each provide gamers with a focused objective in order to win although, admittedly, having no truly marked difference in how the game should be played.

Go Soccer is a decent diversion for casual gamers, and the unique sports theme is a good draw for athletic types who double as iPhone owners as well. Despite the availability of free games that are similar in nature to Go Soccer, its sport theme is likely to find the game a regular spot in every soccer fan’s iPhone apps collection.


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