Google Page Rank update is going on

June 27, 2011 | by

Today Google has rolled out a new PageRank update. Techlineinfo was a PR 7 blog before this update and now downgraded to PR-6. I am not going deep into the importance of the Page Rank because thousands of such articles are already available.

After the previous update on Jan, guest bloggers flooded to this site and I  struggled to go through all the articles and edit them. As a part time blogger it is a tough task for me however I always tried to satisfy them. I couldn’t write more articles during this period.The traffic of my site didn’t affect through the recent Google Panda.1 and 2 updates (Actually doubled). I understand the ratio between incoming and outgoing links is one of the  major deciding factors of PR.

Anyway I am not going to do anything to get back the PR other than the natural blogging. It was a gift (?) from Google 🙂 for a while and it was really unexpected too.

How this PR update affected you ? Do you really think PR is one of the most important SEO measures?


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