Infibeam Pi- first e book reader of India- Features, specification and price

February 4, 2010 | by

infibeam, the leading online shopping portal has unveiled first e-book reader of  India named infibeam-pi. The device can be termed as the successor of Amazon’s Kindle e-Book. The launch of this product is aiming  the fast growing e-book market. Infibeam provides a big collection of  e-books with affordable rates.

The 6 Inch, 600 x 800 pixels monochrome  display made of E Ink’s Vizplex Imaging Fim have a number of distinctive benefits over existing technologies. Commonly referred to as Electronic Paper Displays, EPD displays are reflective and can be easily read in bright sunlight or dimly lit environments while being able to be seen at virtually any angle – just like paper.

1000mAh Lithium battery with a 4 hours charging can cater 7 days of usage. Battery can be charged through the supplied battery adapter or through the USB adapter.

This reader supports vaarious file formats like PDF, JPG, HTML, EPUB, DOC, TXT, MOBI, BMP, MP3 etc. Other than simple e book reading users can play games like Sudoku and  Listen Music.

This reader can store upto 500 ebooks in its internal storage. The memory can be extended upto 4GB through SD card. Following special features make this an excellent and economical e book reader giving a new reading experience.

  • Turn page forward/backward
  • Jump to a specific page
  • Progress bar to display position in the book
  • Increase font size and re-flow text automatically
  • Add bookmark to a page
  • Screen Rotate for landscape / portrait views
  • Search inside a book or document
  • Sort documents (Date, file name, Catalog)

“Pi” reader supports almost all Indian languages and is of  less than 10mm thick, weighs  180 gm- lighter than a magazine. The growth of e-book market is the right step towards nature conservation, which can save lakhs of trees by replacing paper.

As an introductory offer the device can be purchased through the online shopping portal for Rs 9,999/-. You can book the product for Rs 999/- (non re-fundable) The introductory Pre-Order price includes all taxes, duties and shipping costs. Balance amount Rd 9000/- to be payed prior to shipping. The shipping starts on 22 Feb 2010.


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