Google TV website aired. Service awaits release in November

October 5, 2010 | by

Google? Well, come straight — Google is the one and only emperor in the world of web. They got the keys to each and every door as far as the Internet biz is concerned. Over the ages the company had ventured altogether numerable new lands and left foot-marks on a lot of them. So, they have the dare that takes a man to go for the unknown and uncertain.

Lately, the buzz from the company happens to be in regard to their much anticipated Internet TV services, which includes a software that will preferably facilitate you to search and view television over the Internet along with the normal browsing capabilities. These features from the house of Google are expected to arrive packaged in the form of subscription services as per the user’s personal interest. The consumers will be allowed to get hold of packages that suits their area of interest.

The website dedicated to Google TV is already up for air, but is for now hosting a free tour and some details of the actual thing. Google has been slow and steady this time around and they upheld the website much after unleashing the TV platform in May. The company will be working hand in hand with big names Sony and Logitech in this regard. Sony will be providing their Internet TV from where access to Google TV will be sweet and simple. For those who already owning a HDTV and not willing to invest on the same there is the choice to grab hold of a specially designed box from Logitech which will let them available Google facilities from their very own old television.

So, you got to wait until these two hardware are made available in the market. Google is offering whole lot of features all in a single screen under a single shelter. The popular services are of online video and audio services; mostly on-demand facilities from big names already doing good business like Amazon and Netflix. If somebody wants to go for a budget friendly view then there is Youtube – Google’s very own video hosting site where you can find almost anything if you aren’t much worried about the resolution specs or the sound clarity. Well, if you are then you should know that good thing’s come at a price and that my friend is an irreversible fact.

Google has re-defined the notions of home entertainment offering all the services at one place. Special features are up for the smart phone users, preferably the ones powered by Google Android Operating Systems.

If you are over with the pros then lets get into the cons. Google TV may be glittering but still their are dark shades if you take a closer look. Google won’t be there offering you ESPN3 for a start. Well, that’s not a very big deal because the others in the biz aren’t also providing the service. But, you wont also be able to go through Apple’s exclusives hosted on iTunes. Also sites like Hulu available on Ruku and TiVo will not be aired by Google. So, my advice would be think before you leap.


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