Everything You Need To Know About Google Schemer

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If you are person with a zest to do everything and anything based upon your location and interest, then Google just launched a service for you. Schemer a location based online tool where people create, share their schemes, their plans, what they are about to accomplish and much more.

How to get started?

Though, Schemer can be accessed via invites only, but if you are interested to join it now, here’s the link for you. Schemer Invite(Google Account is required).

recommended schemesYou can create your own scheme or you can fetch one through the recommended list of schemers shared by people out their.

How To Create Your Own Scheme?

· Click on NEW SCHEME button.create new scheme

· Write down your scheme along with the comment(optional). By default, it’s public. You can limit your scheme to few by choosing the Limited option, which can be shared with others by sending them HEADS UP.

How To HEAD UP a scheme?

· Go to YOUR SCHEMES Page.

· Click on HEADS to heads up a scheme

· Add the friend or follower in your circle with whom you want to share the scheme. Click on send and you are done.

Make your scheme more accessible to the world by adding categories and tags to it. Here’s how to do it.

· Visit YOUR SCHEME page.add categories and location to scheme

· At your right under scheme info, you can add categories and location to your scheme. If something went wrong, schemers can remove categories or location by clicking the cross button.

Want to check what others are sharing or planning.

· Visit the FIND STUFF TO DO page. Go through the recommended Schemes shared by other schemers based on your on plus button

· If the scheme interests you and want to do it, click on plus button to it’s right. Schemer gets notified of your action.

· When you are done with the scheme, you can share the joy with others by clicking on the
ALREADY DONE IT button. You can also choose the same scheme to do that again.

Want to comment on others schemes? Here’s how you can do that.

· Go to FIND STUFF TO DO page.

· Click on the scheme that interest you or the one you want to comment on.add comment

· Add your comment by clicking the ADD COMMENT button below the scheme.

· In the same way, you can reply to others schemers.

How to Remove and Delete the inappropriate scheme.

Mind you guys, removing and deleting an inappropriate scheme is different here. Here’s the difference between two.

· Removing a scheme means –

“Removing a scheme occurs when you release ownership of a public scheme that you have authored and other people have indicated they want to do it. The scheme will no longer show who the author is but other people who have schemed it will still be able to see the scheme and keep it in their lists.”

· Where, Deleting a scheme means –

“Deleting a scheme occurs when you completely wipe the scheme from Schemer.”

Please note that the scheme can only be deleted if the scheme authored by you is limited to few. You can delete your public schemes too, but if and only if no one has shown interest in your scheme.

Just click the cross button to wipe it off.

Want to follow or mark some categories as your favorite?

· Click on your favorite categories.mark as favorite scheme

· Mark it as your favorite by clicking on the heart.

· Click it again to remove from favorite schemes.

In the same way you can add your favorite location too.

· Click your profile photo to the right.

· Head up to your settings.mark place as a favorite

· Add a location under favorite locations.

How To Search Schemes?

· Searching a scheme comprises of two parameters, the scheme itself and the location.

search scheme

·Type in the title of the scheme along with the location to search it down.

ABC Of Schemer Privacy 

Privacy settings can be controlled by limiting the email notifications located under the Settings section of your profile.

Publicly shared schemes are accessible to search to the world outside. So use it wisely or if you want to confined to few, then use private or limited scheme sharing method.

Your schemer account is integrated with your Google Plus account, once you are on Schemer, your Google Plus profile photo and name as your Schemer identity.

Like Google Plus, Schemers use the same methodology of Circle, where Schemers can add other in their circles or vice versa. People who have you in their circles will also be able to see your public Schemer activities in their “Home” stream. So use it wisely. So that’s all about Google Schemer Privacy controls.

So one can say it’s a place full of creative ideas and lots of things to offer at which you might want your hands to get dirty in. So get quick with your ideas or endure them up with this video

Do let us know about your views about Google Schemer?


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