How to find whether your friend has read your email

June 9, 2012 | by

Have you ever been paranoid by sending a very important email to your friend and thinking nervously whether he had opened it or not?? when you follow the instruction you will know even before your friend says that he has read your mail.

It has No strings attached No software needed! No survey or Coding is  needed! and very important your friend wont even know that you spied him.This service will work with any emailing server,now all you need is to send a mail from your account to your friends with SPYPIG.

Step 1 :  Visit this URL and fill your email address and message title (title is given so that you later can identify it from the notifications you’ll receive)

Step 2:  Select  “SpyPig tracking image”, the image can be pig symbol or an empty white square box (If u choose empty white square box your friend can’t find the presence of image ) and hit “Click here to create My SPYPIG “. Registered user can send image of their own choice.

Step3: The image will be generated and you have 60 seconds to copy that image and paste it to the mail which you are going to send,the image can be simply dragged and dropped to anywhere in the BODY part of the email,after pasting just send the email as usual.


As soon as your friend opens your email you will get a email from SPYPIG like this


The email will contain IP address of you and your friend,and the time when the recipient opened the email along with the location (This will be accurate only to certain extent).

So what are you waiting for ?? get notified when your friend opens your mail, you need not wait for him to say that he read your email

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