How to make a Facebook Fake conversations and Super Hero status updates

August 7, 2012 | by

Today after seeing a trending Facebook Fake conversation one of my friends PMed me about the technique behind that. He thought  it was created by using Photoshop or similar image editing software. Creating Facebook fake conversation is not a big task, you need not to use Photoshop or any other picture editing applications. Few good online tools and Facebook applications are available to make such creative Fake online conversations and Super Hero status updates. Now let’s go through such a wonderful online application to make Facebook fake conversation. is an awesome user-friendly online application to make fake conversation. You just need to sign in with your Facebook account and start making fake conversation. Need not to worry about this application, it won’t spam your wall.



After login with your Facebook  the first step is adding the name of Commentator. Here I’ve used the name “Barack Obama”.  After that select the profile image for commentator.  Multiple options are available for fake profile images. The available options are:

  • Use images from your computer
  • Images from web by entering the URL
  • Inbuilt images of Fakeconvos
  • Your own Facebook images
  • Your Facebook friend’s profile photos
  • Google image search

You need not to do anything with the images. Images will be cropped automatically to fit the profile photo size. After profile image selection start typing your comment in the comment box. Likes will be added automatically to the status update for giving more natural look. Continue the conversation by adding more profiles and comments. Here the only limitation is your creativity. fake2

You can publish the conversations directly to your Facebook wall and other social profiles. Alternatively take the screenshot using print screen, crop it and share.  This video gives more clear picture

What you think about this application? If you know more funny tools in this series, please share with us through comments.


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