How to make your Blog Social Network Friendly

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Social Networking is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of building a good blog or website. Ever since the evolution of Social Networks since 2006-2007, when they really started to gain popularity, webmasters
have been concentrating more and more on the Social Networking part of running a successful brand online.Social Networking is not only important to individual bloggers or group run sites such as Mashable,
but it is also important for those websites which offer products and services.Social Networking has become a new way to find customers for them. From what we just read you get the notion that Social Networking is very important, but How to make your Blog Social Network Friendly?


What exactly does Social Network Friendly mean?

There is a difference between great articles, and great articles that get a lot of Social Networking exposure and traffic.Sure both have really good quality content, but one gets a lot of Social Networking exposure while the other does not.So Social Networking Friendly means that an article needs to be “Share-able”.So if you have these kind of articles in your blog, you can consider it a Social Friendly Blog.

How to make your Blog Social Network Friendly?

Here are some of the foundations you need to build on to ensure that each and every post becomes Share-Able –

Build an Audience in the Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+.This process is called creating a Circle of people who are already exposed your content, I would say these guys are 75% more likely to publicize your articles through Social Networks than a person who is not in your circle of audience. Your circle of audience can include your Facebook fans, Twitter Followers, People who add you in their Circles on Google+ as well as your RSS Subscribers.

Have all the necessary Sharing options in all your posts in very visible areas, sacrifice an ad space if you have to.(A basic tip, you should already have implemented.)

Many of you would have already done the second point, but most of you would not have optimized your RSS Feeds for Sharing to Social Networks.Feedburner offers a good range of sharing options which you can utilize, I advice you to check out all the features that Feedburner offers as some of them under the tab “Socialize” can really get your Social Networking going.

Study the articles which you have already written, see which of those have got good Social Network exposure.This is something that differs from Blog to Blog depending on the Niche and the Theme of the blog,
see what the common features are in those posts that have gotten good exposure, implement these features on all your upcoming blog posts.

Target Forums to gain new audiences, usually those who are regularly interacting in forums are really active on Social Networking sites as well, so it would be wise to target these audiences.You can do this by
participating actively in Forums and leave a Link to your Facebook, Twitter or RSS in the signature part. The new subscribers you get are more prone to Sharing than others.Having 50 of these kind of subscribers makes your blog more social friendly than having 500 subscribers who are not active in Social Networks, but both the audience are obviously extremely important.

Publicizing the number of Followers you have can also be a great way of making a blog more Social Friendly.This is a feature that has been adapted by almost all the top blogs in the world of internet.

I hope I was able to help you understand How to make your Blog Posts Social Network Friendly.If you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comment box provided.


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