How to get IMEI number legally in India for Chinese Mobiles

November 30, 2009 | by


In India, from 01 Dec 09 onwards mobile phones without an IMEI number will not work. Mobile phone operators have been instructed to stop the services to these handsets. Millions of Indians are using the China made, local and smuggled handsets which don’t have valid IMEI number. If you are one among this then you have the one and only option to get an IMEI number.

Mobile Standard Alliance of India  is exclusively authorized body in India by GSM Association (GSMA) to perform Genuine IMEI Implant program (GII). MSAI is working in partnership with Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) and Department of Telecommunications (DOT) to implant the genuine IMEI numbers on to the mobile handsets which are carrying bad/non genuine IMEI numbers as a one time Amnesty Program.

Now it is a Golden chance to get a genuine IMEI number.

Visit your nearest GII (Genuine IMEI Implant program) center and with a nominal fee of Rs 199/- you will get a new IMEI number. It is the once in a life time opportunity to make your phone live.

Remember the following

  • A genuine IMEI number can only be implanted at authorized GII service centers as per Govt approved processes recognized by COAI & MSAI. If it is done at any other unauthorized source it will not be valid.
  • You need to carry ID proof. (Ex: Voter ID Card, Drivers Licenses, etc). Your photograph will be captured at the authorized GII service center, at no extra cost, apart from Rs. 199/-
  • You can carry as many handsets if you like to the center . If you are bringing in multiple handsets it is advisable that you come in person with valid ID proof.

Update:¬† Essar group’s The Mobi Store offers IMEI implant to the blocked subscribers.


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