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darwin new revolutionBack when we were still using Internet on big giant machines called computers (some people still do that as a part of their job) that had all these wires and attachments, using the Internet was like sitting in front of a terminal and initiating a critical mission. I was intense! You had to turn on the modem, wait till it had booted, initiate the dialer and wait patiently while watching the lights blink like the faithful watches the plumes of smoke coming out of the Vatican, to get connected and surf the net. Of course broadband has made our lives a lot less stressful, yet using the Internet means you are fixed to a chair. Often it resembles the last image of the parody of Darwin’s theory of evolution series, man tied in front of the computer. The predicament for a lot of us, who did not evolve, is still not over.

Today, we have the Smartphones, iPhones, tablets and whatever else there is that can make our life ridiculously simple. We do everything on the move. We speak, we text, we send mails with attachments, shoot stills and videos, upload them to social media websites and still have time to play a game or two. We do all of that with the power of the Internet on our phones.
My son is one year old and already he is showing signs of having an ear for music. I remember when my dad used to tell my uncle, that kids of his son’s age (he was referring to me of course) are much more advanced then they were in their childhood. Watching my son keeping the beat while listening to a song, I get the same feeling. He is much more advanced then I was in my growing days. He is already exposed to technologies such as touch phones, smart TVs and gaming consoles and back in the 80’s when I was growing up, the closest thing to electronics was an analog TV that we had at our parents home. 
Having an Android phone has its own advantages as it appears. We would often leave our son with my phone and he would playfully keep tapping the piano app and smile when it played a sound. He should continue to do so for several minutes at a time oblivious of our absence from the room. This would give us some valuable time to complete the household chores and then rejoin him in his play. I never thought downloading the piano up using mobile Internet would have such wonderful advantages!

Using Internet on the phone has several cost saving features as well. Earlier when we needed to make calls using Skype, we would resemble a NASA flight controller waiting patiently to reestablish communication with the astronauts after a link failure. It had to depend on so many things; an Internet connection that was wired, a modem or a router, a headphone and a microphone. Today all we need is a fast Internet connection and a Skype app. Using long distance calls at a cheaper rate was never this easy prior to the advent of Internet on phones. For those who have been using 3G for a while now, they would be familiar with the options of using Skype or Google talk for making VOIP calls. These are much cheaper and comparatively a lot less hassle than the services offered by normal telephone or cell phone carriers.

mobile apps

Today’s Smartphone are blessed devices enabling us to download paid and free apps which extend the usability of these devices and our ability to multi-task. There are thousands of free and paid apps on Google’s Android Play and iPhone’s iTunes marketplaces. While some of these apps are plain fun and games, others are downright useful for the business minded.
Internet on the cell phone has opened for us an avenue where we can socialize on the go. We can share photos, messages and tips in real time. These were never possible at such ease before the advent of Internet in our cell phones. Real time information such as weather, news from the street, stock information, breaking news, flight information and even the ability to monitor the home video surveillance remotely, there is no limit to what we can do on the move, thanks to Internet in our cell phones .

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