iPad-enabled Bed to Set you Back $20,000

September 24, 2010 | by

Hollandia, an Israeli-based company priding their business on luxurious bedding, has created what they describe as the world’s first “iPad-compatible” bed. You may already be rolling your eyes and I suppose i am too. It’s important to note though, only Apple, the company that seems to facilitate unwavering fans, enthusiastic young entrepreneurs who create applications for Apple products or who design 3rd-party accessories and peripherals for Apple products, could this bed be designed around.

iCon bed
Gizmodo reports that the iCon bed will come in 200 different colors and fabrics, any shade that would best fit the room’s decor. It features two iPad docks, an enclosed speaker system with a 250 watt amplifier and will run a cool 20,000 dollars or roughly 911,547 rupees and about 14,989 euros. If you have deep pockets and are looking to blow some money, this might satisfy your craving to spend. For the rest of us, and i think i speak for us, it’s an amazing waist of money. Especially considering that an iPad application isn’t available with this bed!

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