HTC 7 Pro vs HTC 7 Trophy – Smartphone Comparison

April 4, 2011 | by

With the massive success of the Apple iPhone and the subsequent release and stellar growth of the Android operating system, Microsoft needed to get in on the smart phone action. Their original mobile operating system was incredibly clunky to the say the least, trying to cram Windows functionality onto a phone.
With the Windows 7 phone operating system they have managed to make some serious headway. The Windows 7 mobile interface really does appear to have been developed from the ground up rather than shoehorning a PC operating system onto the phone. They also appear to have taken a leaf out of Apple’s book and have got some serious heavy weight designers on the team and it shows. HTC are backing them up with a stream of new release Windows 7 phones.

HTC 7 Pro

Two recent releases from HTC to use the Windows 7 operating system are the HTC 7 Pro and the HTC 7 Trophy. These two phones are each trying to take a position in the market of their own. The HTC Pro is a slider phone, while the Trophy is a candy bar touchscreen phone, but despite their external difference they share quite a lot in common.

As the name would suggest the HTC 7 Pro is aimed at the business user and features a full QWERTY keyboard, for fast typing, making it perfect for those who regularly email. As it is running on Windows 7 the phone allows full editing of Microsoft Office documents and sharing of documents via Microsoft Sharepoint. So both of these could offer some serious benefit to business users regularly out in the field.

The downside of the slide out keyboard is that it makes the Pro quite a bit bulkier than the HTC 7 Trophy, it’s 30% thicker that the Trophy and 45 grams heavier, meaning it adds a bit more bulk in the pocket.

The HTC 7 Trophy is firmly positioned as an entertainment machine, its 3.8 inch touch screen, Xbox Live integration and 1GHz processor make it one of the best handsets for gaming on the market today.

Both machines have great display with 480 x 800 resolutions although the HTC 7 Trophy’s is slightly larger at 3.8 inches compared with the Pro’s at 3.6 inches. Both phones have plenty of storage space with 8GB of memory as standard.

If you are in the market for a Windows 7 phone both would be a good choice. Which one you go for will really depend on what you are planning to use it for most. If it’s business use and you plan to send loads of emails, update documents and keep up to date with the office via Sharepoint, then it has to be the pro. If you’re a gaming or video addict then undoubtedly the Trophy will be the one on your shopping list.


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