Favorite Animated Google Doodles of All Time

June 26, 2011 | by

The concept of Google Doodle is not new to us. The very first Google Doodle was uploaded in 1998, showing the burning man festival on 30th April. Till then, Google has established its own patent for designing its name as logo based on special occasions and holidays.

First Google DoodleWho does not like variety? Everyone does and Google has been doing that with its homepage since a few years by adding fun and colorful images and graphic to its logo “Google” in different occasions, anniversaries of celebrities and great inventors.

Let go through the most favorite animated Google Doodle of all time:

  • Les Paul’s 96th Birthday, who is known to be the father of electric guitar and won Grammy awards. A guitar was uploaded allowing you to record 30 seconds of your string tunes made by using the mouse.

  • The Christmas Special Doodle was created with seven small frames enabled to be zoomed and also redirects you to links if you click them.

  • A tribute to Charlie Chaplin on his 122nd birthday by uploading a silent video.

Chaplin Google Doodle

  • Google hates mouse: It is always fun when you are trying to touch something from your mouse and it runs away from you.

  • Most of us hate chemistry, but Google Doodle was created into a special chemistry lab to tribute Robert Bunsen who was a famous German Chemist.

  • Thomas Edison Special Doodle, creator of light bulb.

  • Pac-Man’s 30th birthday brought an animated video of the game on Google Doodle, grabbing everyone’s attention.

As mentioned above about the most liked Google Doodles, the recent one was the live feed of the most anticipated Lunar Eclipse which occurred after a decade and was believed to be one of the longest ones also. It turns from the normal shade to a complete red moon and then back to the normal shade. The live feed was created with the help of Slooh, the robotic telescopic service.

These doodles are created by the most creative designers at Google and always come up with something new. It is nice to see a new Google doodle whenever you visit Google’s homepage.

According to an internet report, SLOOH will now be responsible to upload images and live feeds in collaboration with Google Sky. Due to the volcanic ashes, the moon looked redder in the sky. It was seen for a good duration of time from several regions of the world but not from North America.

Google Doodle will be coming up with more creative doodles and already has created more than 700 internationally and 300 plus just for US.


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