Is Linux desktop really dead? Statistics Vs Reality

November 22, 2010 | by

Miserable statistics from the share market indicates that Linux desktop’ era is over. Each month’s reports indicate that Linux is going down on shares. It even went below 1 % as low as 0.85 %. It is really harsh to read about its failure on the news. Anyway, statistics alone cannot be taken as the right method for deciding the success story of software. Linux can be purchased for free without any sales transaction. Some sites like Distro Watch keep track of Linux distribution on its headlines. However, it is not possible to find out the exact number of copies where Linux is used as desktop worldwide. One cannot record how many downloads are done each day. This gets you into the confrontation of data collection technology.

For the reasons given below, Linux cannot be said as dead:-

1. It performs good business

The great news now in the industry is Linux has replaced Windows and will maintain its stand in future also. It does not bring much surprise to accept this fact that Linux will be present wherever the servers are put to use at its best.

Nowadays large business enterprises use Linux as desktop. Research indicates that 36 % of big companies use Linux as desktop and 12% more will be added in the coming year. And this data is clearly not a sign for death or decline for Linux.

2. Consumers

One cannot rate Linux by taking only the data of Net application which gives a stingy 0.85 % for Linux. W 3 counter gives a slightly higher figure as 1.5% for September. But Wiki media’s Log analysis has submitted a report of 1.9 % and O’Reilly Media gives a whooping increase of 10% figure. It can be repeatedly said that you cannot estimate how many users prefer Linux as desktop by any method. If you judge its performance only by the above figures, it is similar to counting the people who just cross you on the road at a particular time and take that as correct statistics.

3. The factor of Ubuntu

Ubuntu has been involved in the distribution of Linux for a long time. In the world of Linux, Ubuntu is the best supporter. The user friendly Ubuntu with its multi touch features has become part of net book. With the help of Ubuntu now many software that were crossing Linux are moving farther. In my opinion, Ubuntu is the right device for Linux to make progress and latest data also supports my view. For example, Linux Users Group in Australia has declared that Linux OS has crossed levels of the past and making development with more number of schools and agencies of Government are promoting its use.

Any of the above narrated evidence does not predict that Linux is not facing challenges. Lack of sponsors, and its fragmentation, and loose marketing techniques all contribute for Linux failure and this is the reason that keeps Apple as leader. A few years later, desktop will not even matter, after mobile computing takes over hold.

Very sooner, Linux will be viewed in the stream as an attractive option.


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