How To End a Blog Post?

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You may be well versed in writing a great content oriented blog post, you may now how to begin or initiate a new blog post as well as be an expert in writing the body of a post, but do you know how to end a blog post? The ending of a Blog post can can have either a good effect on the reader and make them get a good opinion about you or it may make them feel that they just wasted their time reading the post although it had good content.

Why Should You End a Blog Post Properly?

The Ending of your blog post will have the last say about the post you have just written, if you hurriedly finish your ending, that will have a negative impact on the whole post, this means people will not want to read more of what you have to write.So having a proper ending to a blog post is as important as having good information in the article.

So here are some tips on How To End a Blog Post –


Just give a brief summary of your entire post, making sure that you have included all the main points of the article.This will emphasize on certain important aspects of the post and should be no longer than a few sentences.Your readers will appreciate you going over the facts of the article once again.

This will also help those who do not have much time to go through the whole post, they can just go through the summary to get an idea about the article.

Encourage Readers to Share, Take Action

Encourage your readers to follow what you have written in the post by telling them the advantages of doing so.Also encourage your readers to share your article on various social networking sites which will increase traffic to your site as well as build brand popularity of your website or blog.

Link to a Useful Post

One of the most important steps in ending a good post would be to link to a similar article or link to an article which supplements what you have just portrayed in your article.This will not only give a far greater depth of information to your readers(For which they will appreciate you) but also helps you out in terms of SEO (Anchor Texts matching your keywords) and help you circulate traffic within your own blog if the similar articles have been written by you.

Do not be scared of linking to other sites thinking that this will reduce your Google Page Rank, the Google Algorithm is very good at finding out links that give more information and add more value to an article.This will give you added points in terms of SEO.

Also if you find two articles good enough to link to, do it, the more valuable information you make available to your readers, the better it is.

Creating a Discussion

Add line or two with a debatable question about the article and encourage your readers to comment and debate with one another and with you, this will bring out more and more ideas related to the subject as well as increase your page views.

Without such discussion and comments, a blog would be dead.

Give a Glimpse into whats next

Make sure you briefly describe what you are working on next, and ask them to tune into to that as soon as you post it to your blog or website.This again increases more interaction and tells people what to expect next from you and your website.

Finally I would like to say that if you include all these small things into your post endings, it would make for a much better post.Remember that you need not use all these tips on all the blog posts, use them when and where they are applicable.


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