How To Create A PowerPoint Calendar

November 20, 2010 | by

Calendars are things that are necessary throughout the year to ensure that you not only know what day it is, but you also know what you have planned on these days as well. There are many ways you can acquire a calendar, but this article is written to give you some information into how you can create a simple PowerPoint calendar so you can print it out for your own use. Here are a few simple tips to follow.

When it comes to making a calendar in PowerPoint, you first need to open this program. This should bring up the default screen with a new template, when you see this, go to the very top of the screen and under file, click new.

When you have done this you then need to click the button twice that says calendars. This should be located under available templates and themes. When this is done, click on the folder that states 2011 calendars or if you have something else in mind choose one of the other folders that are there. When clicked on, it should bring up a presentation where the calendar is shown and each month can be view separately.

If you have a selected month where you need to add special occasions to it, then click on the selected month from the slide deck which is situated on the left hand side of the screen. This should bring up a large view of the month selected.

To add text to a selected date, move to the top of the screen where it says insert, click this, and then click on where it says text. Now click on the date where you want to add your text, this should then allow you to insert your words.

Write in what you have to remind yourself of and if you want to make it stand out then highlight the words. Now moving to home at the very top of the screen, you should be able to change the color, size and the font in the font area. This should give you your first reminder to work on. If you have more birthdays and such to add, then repeat the same thing as above on any of the other months.

If you want to view your calendar, there should be a tab that says view at the top of the screen, click this, it should then say slide master, click this, this should then open a new area where you can then change the look of your calendar. Click on the themes button and change your calendar accordingly.

When finished you can then click on close master view, then back to file at the top of the screen, find the save as tab, click on this and save it under whatever name you like, then press ok. This will successfully save your calendar ready for you to print out when needed.

So when it comes to creating a calendar using PowerPoint, then why not follow these tips to see whether they can help you. It may take a little bit to get use to the program and instructions but with practice you can easily get making with ease.…/ms-office-2010-templates-powerpointcalendar/


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