Two best places online to learn SEO.

November 14, 2010 | by

Search engine optimization at first sight looks really confusing subject. A bunch of thing can make your website rank better in search engines lists. There is a lot of information about this subject and sometimes it’s complicated to find which sources says truth and which just want’s to confuse you. A lot of amateurs and marketers will try to sell you lies packaged as “magic formula” for perfect SEO efficiency, but be extra careful. Instead you can turn to few great websites that helps to learn you about SEO for free. There are two most well known websites for learning this SEOmoz and SEOBook.

SEOmoz provides some really powerful tools to make your SEO even more effective. They can help you to see are you keywords competitive in world wide web and where your weak points in this are. Besides that it has to offer a lot more. There you can find beginner’s guide to SEO, blog that is daily updated with great tips. If it’s not enough for you can check out community blog which is maintained by over 100,000 members. Here you can also find a job board so as professional in SEO you can place your advert here or look for some jobs that are already offered. Try it and you will not be disappointed whether you are just beginner or professional in SEO.

SEOBook without any doubt is the best website if you want to learn about SEO. The most important aspect in this webpage is the vast amount of free information and useful tools that will help you to learn about SEO everything that you ever wanted. Here you can also find priceless information about any website. Just with a few click you can access information about their Pagerank or backlinks. If you are a newbie in SEO here you will find totally free training course. You can also find some very useful content in their blog and videos. There is a forum where members who pay a fee can discuss about best ways to get SEO function more effectively. So if you want to invest in knowledge about SEO this is the place to do it. You will get access to all their content, forums and consulting by real professionals.

These two websites without any question are the best resources for successful SEO learning. Though there are a lot of information that you need to pay for it’s a great investment in your future online business. On the other hand both of these websites also offers a lot of great material so all you need to do is just read, read and read. If you want to get proper education in SEO techniques this is the place to turn to whether you are newbie, advanced learner or professional.


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