Keep yourself safe from Fake Microsoft Security Essentials

October 23, 2010 | by

Microsoft Security Essential is one of the best five free antivirus software, without a doubt. However, there is a fraud security product out there which illegally claims to be Microsoft Security Essentials, and has definitely nothing to do with Microsoft. Microsoft has advised users to be fighting of sites promoting fraud versions of its costless Security Essentials anti-malware software. Security Essentials 2010 is a part of software Microsoft said installs a fraud virus scanner on your computer and monitors and opposes processes it does not enjoy. The consumer is prompted to give cash to register the software to get rid of the non-existent threats. Additionally, it gets down several safety settings in the registry and adjusts the desktop background to show a message stating, “Your computer is infected”

The artificial Security Alert is a Trojan that effort to twist you into thinking you are septic so that you will then set up and buy one of five knave anti-virus programs that it is transmitting. When the Trojan is work it will mask as an alert from the legitimate Windows. This signal will be titled as Microsoft Security Essentials Alert and denotes that a Trojan was sensed on your computer. It will identify this Trojan and tell that it is a terrible infection. It will then command prompt you to cleanse your computer machine using the program to dispatch it. When you click on the Clear Computer, it will advise that it was ineffective to remove it and then inform you to scan online. If you click on the Scan Online push button it will name 35 different anti-virus programs, 30 of which are decriminalize anti-virus programs and five that is fraud that the Trojan is transmitting. These five fraud programs such as Red Cross Antivirus, Peak Protection 2010, Pest Detector 4.1, Major Defense Kit, and Anti Spy Safeguard.

During this pseudo scan only the five fake anti-virus programs named above will express that this alleged Trojan is a contagion. It does this to frighten you into clicking the Free Install button succeeding to them that will establishes the fraud program onto your computer machine and then reboot your system. It should be noted that all these five software’s that this Trojan is transmitting are incisively the same. If you or someone you know is played by this rogue Trojan, elaborate removal manual are accessible at Get rid of the Fraud Microsoft Security Essentials.


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