Windows Phone 7 Will Feature Mobile VoIP For Easy VoIP Calls Anywhere

October 19, 2010 | by

This is a guest post written by Zach. He is working as content manager for Axvoice – VoIP service providers offers quality VoIP phone service.

For all those who have been waiting for the big news, well, it’s time we announce it — Microsoft is very soon declaring the launch of its upcoming – Windows Phone 7. But, what’s more is that it will feature a built-in Mobile VoIP facility. This exciting facility will enable the users to make affordable VoIP calls to other networks, even mobiles and also browse the internet at the same time.mce_marker

According to Microsoft, this product will bring more success within the Smartphone industry and might not have the same fate as its predecessor KIN phone’s failure. However, that what Microsoft claims. The truth says the opposite. So far, the indications are not heartening, particularly seeing the reputation and ascendancy of the Apple’s iPhones and yes, the Android as well.

The Register claims that a recently arranged one day workshop on developing tips and tricks for Windows Phone 7 merely had a crowd of one third people. Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s current President, recommended that current market is dominated by Apple, Google, RIM and Windows Phone 7 is definitely not offering a successful edge.

Nevertheless, IT specialist Tim Anderson from The Register is overwhelmed with the unique concept the phone offers and entices an excitement to give it a try. He confirmed that it does resemble the iPhone and Android with respect to the touch graphics, however, it still retains a unique updating procedure and also the hub concept is innovative.

Although, Windows 7 uses on Silverlight, XNA and.NET, as Anderson proclaims, it offers a very inspiring technology, plus above all it will also be included with a built-in Mobile VoIP facility that will allow users to make VoIP calls to any destination in the world.

Now, if Apple, Google and Microsoft are compared, we see that apple has developed end-devices and are sold as such, instead of selling technologies installed within devices, which may not necessarily be the same company’s product. That’s what Microsoft and Google’s policy’s are. So, we may say that this is one striking reason why Apple dominates the Smartphone industry, more than the others.

So, when one observes these hardcore facts and better options available compared to what Microsoft is offering, it leaves less chances for Windows Phone 7 to be able to compete with the other like products in the market.

Microsoft is an enormous company, yet the doubts are still hanging about its latest invention. Can it really make a big show, as one can expect from a big name like Microsoft? Will the big advertising budget being spent on it pre and post launch really is worth the buzz?

Some reviews conducted by experts earlier signify that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 does attract some hopeful attention in respect to its design and user-friendliness. Can Microsoft face the failure of yet another phone after KIN, though, if Windows & does fail, maybe Microsoft might not be able to hold the good fame associated with its name and fall back from its current superior status…it is still unpredictable to think?


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