Mashable Style Social Widget for Joomla!

December 12, 2011 | by

Here a beautiful and fully customizable new social module for Joomla !. Inspiration of this module is from the WordPress plugin  Easy Mashable Social Bar. Thanks to Syafz for giving permission to use the codes (PHP and CSS) in this Joomla  module. As name suggests, this module replicates the social widget used in Mashable website. This is the first time I am converting a WordPress plugin to a  Joomla module. Task was not simple because structure of Joomla and WorPress are completely different. However within one day I could finish it Smile  Fist see the screenshot of this module.

mashable style socila widget

Looking cool?? This module is  fully customizable from Joomla back end Module Manager. Mashable Style Joomla Social Widget is compatible with all three Joomla! versions (Joomla, and


  • Customizable widget width
  • Facebook Like box: You can customize the background color, width and height of this part.
  • Google Plus Box:  Customizable background color, length, width and Recommend Text
  • Subscription Box:  Feedburner subscription box to offer feed subscription. Length, width and background colours are customizable.
  • Other Social profiles: Link to your LinkedIn, and Google Profiles.


Download the module as per your Joomla! version and follow the conventional Joomla! extension installation procedure. Go to Module Manger and select “ Easy Mashable Style Social Widget”. Module configuration page gives you complete flexibility to customize the module as per your theme. See the screenshot of Module Configuration Page

mashable style widget inside


Download for Joomla version

Download for Joomla verison 1.6.xx and 1.7.xx

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This module is being submitted to Joomla Extension Directory for inclusion. Try this plugin, share with your friends and please post your suggestion as comments. You are permitted to remove the author credit from module footer (Facility is provided), however a link back shows your love. Give maximum rating at Joomla Extension Directory and make this module popular.

Feature Suggestions

You can suggest additional features to include. I will try to include the same in coming versions.

Update: The extension has been listed in Joomla Extension Directory. Please favor this extension add good ratings


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