New Prototype From Microsoft: Arc Touch Mouse

July 13, 2010 | by

Microsoft and Apple have been huge rivals since the late 80’s because both companies are famous and leading developers of computer technology. Some people prefer Microsoft and their PCs while other users prefer Apple and their famous Mac, but one thing is for certain, both companies have enormous range of users. As you know, Microsoft is leading developer of operating systems and most PC users are using Microsoft Windows as their default operating system on their computer.

On the other hand, Apple is working hard to provide something new and refreshing, something that will look and work great. Just look at the latest products from Apple such as iPod, iPhone, iPad and you’ll see what we mean. In addition, Apple is working hard on their Mac computers as well. Mac computers offer great performances but at the same time they offer innovative and smooth design that users prefer. The main reason why Apple’s products are so popular is because they are different from anything that you’ve seen on the market. Take Apple’s Magic Mouse for example, it’s smooth, it’s clean and it uses no buttons, so in order to perform actions you perform certain gestures.

According to the latest news, Microsoft might be working on similar mouse. It is called Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and so far it’s only a prototype but we’ll have to admit that idea sounds great. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse will use transparent plastic and total internal reflection in order to track multiple motions. It seems that this mouse consists out of two parts: plastic placeholder and a top part that goes on it. So far there’s no information how will this mouse work but we’ll guessing that it will work on similar way as Apple’s Magic Mouse.
Overall, Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse looks interesting enough and we’re hoping that we’ll see this mouse on the market sometime soon.

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