Tips to protect your touch screen display of mobiles, PDAs , i phone, i pode etc.

October 24, 2009 | by

touch screenTouch screen devices are very common interface in the new generation mobile phones , PDAs, MP3 players,etc . The revolutionary introduction of Apple iphone increased the popularity of touch screen world wide.  a Different technologies are being used for construction of touch screen displays, such as Resistive, Capacitive,Strain guage, Surface Capacitance, Projected Capacitance, Infra-red, Optical imaging, Acoustic pulse recongnization etc, depending upon the application and device. Irrespective of the technology, touch screens are coming under the category of sophisticated devices, whose physical and electrical characteristics may vary temporarily / permanently according to the environmental conditions. Here some points to be remembered while handling the devices with touch screen panels.

  • The touch screen panels are very much sensitive to the substances like dust particles, Oil and Grease. Try to avoid using touch screens in dusty environment. Always use touch screen with clean fingers.
  • Don’t apply excessive pressure on the screen, which can permanently damage the display.
  • Don’t keep the touch screen portable devices on the back pocket of pants.
  • Don’t use touch screen devices on direct sunlight. Excessive heat can damage the panel.
  • Never clean the touch screen with strong chemicals and detergents. Standard glass cleaners can be used for cleaning the touch screen but don’t use the solutions which contains Ammonia. Don’t spray the solution directly to the screen. Always apply the solution with a soft cloth.
  • Clean the display only after switching off the device. If cleaning mode is available in the device do cleaning only after selecting that option.
  • If you are using a  costly touch screen device then it is better to go for screen protectors which protect screen from sun, dirt and external damages like pressure and scratches.
  • Always try to use the stylus for prolonged operations. The finger prints and sweat will reduce the visibility of screen and which require frequent cleaning.
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