RIM Criticizes Apple for telling half-truths

November 11, 2010 | by

RIM CEO Balsillie has criticized Apple for spreading false information and very soon Apple users will know the truth. He has responded like this for the insult made by Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) about RIM. Balsillie compared the figures quoted by Jobs and disputed that users and developers need an open platform which cannot be offered by Apple. He also boasted the figure of sales of RIM’s Blackberry was 12.1 million during the first quarter which was very close to that of Apple’s 14.1 million iPhone devices.

Balsillie cited in blog also about this issue stating that Apple could not compare the figures as on September with that of RIM’s August figure since it is logical that in the month of September sales are high. He was questioning Apple as how it could show higher sales figure when the sales was only 8.4 million in the previous quarter. He also indicated that probably Apple has tried to fill in the sales by adding the figures from earlier quarter.

RIM will be leading in the sales figure in the current year with respect to the accounts of shipment figures till date. RIM started selling cell phones many years ago. In spite of the fact that Apple has entered into business of selling mobile phones only three years back, still it manages to be an effective competitor to Rim and other manufacturers of cellular phones. This indicates that the growth and development of Apple is significant.

Basillie has taken serious view on the criticism of Job with regard to their new mobile phone although Steve has not mentioned anything particular about RIM.

Steve has remarked indirectly that 7 inch phone is not sufficient for a good customer. Apple has conducted in depth research studying about the touch interface for number of years and hence it understands the demands of the customer by providing iPad which has large screen of 10 inches which is bigger than RIM’s forthcoming 7 inch phone.

He also added that most of the new mobile phones are using Android as its software. RIM has planned to fix QNX as its operating system for its new 7 inch mobile phone instead of Android.

Balsillie has replied on Job’s remarks stating that people who are surviving outside the line of Apple know that in reality 7 inch cellular phones will be quite big enough to be sold in the market. He has clearly indicated that RIM has a good boundary since it has supported Adobe Flash and also RIM has an open ended approach with its developers, which is truly a better approach than Apple.

Balsillie also forecasted that even the customers of Apple will come out one day to know the truth and realize what was told to them was only one side of the story.

As of now, Apple’s business continues to flourish even though some mistakes were pointed out.

Apart from RIM, Android also viewed seriously about Job’s comments of them


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