SEO basics getting manipulated with content: Is it really “fresh” or just “new?”

November 23, 2010 | by

How “fresh” is a fresh content? – Now this is something to make us think as to how compromised deeds got included into the scope of SEO boosting. If a content genesis was something like eavesdropping and ingeminating, fresh is not the word for it, but this is in the SEO concept of today. If done an interesting job of getting to the original roots of a so-called fresh content, “distortionary” facts will come out. There are various software being published by leading software development company for content spinning specifically for SEO providers.

Odyssey of a net publication could be: “Freshly” spoken at a conference to someone, that “someone” posted it to a forum, someone else read it and blogged it, some other then tweeted it, whereupon it got blasted via and Hootsuite. This cycle undergoes a repetition for “n” number of times. Another route is something of a convoluted game of telephone. One gives information to another, that “another” conveys it to someone else with his/her own interpretation, this goes on in a chain of communications, the final person has a message quite lost in the original essence of it. Nothing but this could at least retain an underlying definition only if “Chinese whisper” could deliver the original. Forget “fresh.”

An erroneous belief the process has aired around is that tweak pages for the sake of it and you get something worth a “fresh” content, expecting that it will attract search-engine crawlers and will get more and more “search” visible.

Conscientiously, you are doing no favor to your customers and more importantly to “yourself” with fiddling of this kind. What’s genuine is always “originally new” – created, optimized, and promoted authentically. It will let in only updated news, updated links, and refined on-page keywords. Why not have local genuine creations on your web pages with text and media use to create a rich user experience and invite others to feel like linking to it!


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