Six Traits That an Efficient Freelancer Should Posses!

June 23, 2011 | by

1. Perseverance

The initial period of a freelance career is a tough one. You will try to convince a lot of clients that you are a cost-effective and a viable solution, but you will be ignored by most of them. Only some people have the inner strength to triumph in their search for the first client/project.

Don’t give up just a few months into your freelance career. The clients will come by, when you least expect them to and suddenly all your fears wander away. So remember, Hope should never die!

2. Patience

Firstly, it is completely inexcusable for any freelance to not have enough patience, when he or she is working with a client. Generally, a client has an unclear idea about the project and the way in which it should be carried out. Some clients pay more, while the others pay less, but a professional in any field should pay equal attention to all of them, irrespective of the magnitude and the cost of their project.

Secondly, you should be extremely patient with yourself. Beginners often want quick results and sudden transformations and want to transcend from being an amateur student to a professional. Remember, being a pro takes time, and obviously, patience. Generally, it takes quite some time to become a completely efficient and a competent freelancer.

3. Communication Skills

Interact often with your clients so that you can accomplish the tasks that you were given. However, do not contact them so much that you begin to annoy and irritate them. A stable communication style is the key to success.

4. Well-organized Management

It is extremely vital to separate you personal life from your professional space. If you work too hard and for too long, your career might prosper in the long run, but your social life can get affected adversely. Keep in mind, that you freelance to live, and not the other way round.

5. Be Good at Whatever You Do

A freelancer can possibly not replace the work of an entire team. Requiring a team is still the fundamental reason for selecting a company. To tackle the situation, the freelancer must, be well prepared and have a solid background to cover all the elements of the project.
In a nutshell, be very good at what you do, when you enter the world of freelancing.

6. Resilience

Eventually, everyone should be positive from the outset. The life of a freelancer is not that easy. There will be work, and plenty of that. Hence, be extremely positive and don’t let anything put you down.


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