Sony NWZ-E453 Walkman Specifications and Review

October 2, 2010 | by

Sony has re-defined the notions of entertainment time and again and appealed to us with a single statement – come home to entertainment.

The latest Walkman line up from the Japanese mammoth features the trio – NWZ-E453, NWZ-E454 (8GB) and the NWZ-E455 (16GB). The former comes in bundled with 4GB of internal storage space and promises to provide with 50 hours of spontaneous music and 10 hours of vivid video playback. Well, I think that’s enough timing to let you travel one place to another. Also, with memory as large as 4GB you have the freedom to store almost all the songs that you prefer to listen. The sleek, trendy and tech-savvy gadget comes in a selection of vibrant colors – black, red, pink, blue or green.

This light and compact tool facilitates Karaoke playback of music to enhance the listening experience. It also comes along with the age old normal playback also for those who believe – old is gold. By the look and feel of the gadget you can quite confidently comment that – It’s a Sony. As usual it comes along with a glossy black front. The NWZ-E453 sports a size sure to fit into your pocket seamlessly. It bears a circular control which forms rings along the play/pause dial. The option and back buttons though are not as promising. By their look it seams some cheap material has been used to mold them. The volume up and down control rests as usual on the side of the body and there is the usual hold button to protect you from those accidental adversaries like those of tapping on the switch off button, slipping of tricks etc.

All in all this tool takes entertainment to new heights. All this and what’s more there are whole lot of awe-inspiring features that are power-packed along with the NWZ-E453.

It flaunts the amazing features listed below:-

  • Cool colourful design – New E Series Walkman design concept gives you a choice of unique, vibrant and colourful finishes
  • Fun music features – Organise music into moods with SensMe, sing along with Lyric Sync and Karaoke Mode plus FM radio for more listening choice
  • Sound quality – Enjoy a smoother, better listening experience with Clear Audio Technologies, Dynamic Normaliser and Virtual Phones Technology
  • Easy to use interface – Scroll through albums, search video scenes and customise wallpaper with the new graphic user interface and 2.0″ QVGA LCD display
  • Multi-format support – Play WMV(DRM), AVC(H.264) and MPEG-4, auto-convert video files (H.264/MPEG-4/DivX®/AVCHD) with Windows 7, and playback MP3, AAC, WMA (DRM) L-PCM
  • Extra long battery life – Listen for even longer with 50 hours music playback from a single charge – or a class-leading 10 hours of video
  • Clear Audio Technologies – Enjoy a purer sound true to the original source thanks to Clear Stereo, Clear Bass and DSEE technologies
  • Dynamic Normaliser – By balancing the volume level between songs, you’ll enjoy an smoother listening experience
  • FM radio – Get instant listening access to your favourite radio shows and stations
  • 2.0″ QVGA LCD screen – Display videos, photos and album art horizontally or vertically, in razor sharp and ultra bright quality, with our fast response LCD
  • SensMe, Lyric Sync and Karaoke Mode – Organise your music into different moods, playback song lyrics on screen in time with the music, and sing along in Karaoke Mode
  • User interface – Re-designed playback screen gives you more room for Album art plus album scroll feature, search for video scenes and set wallpaper
  • WM-PORT – Easily connect your Walkman to a range of optional accessories
  • 4GB memory – 4GB storage holds around 880 (at 128kbps) music tracks or approx 14 hours video (at 384kbps)
  • Language learning – Easily take control of playback speeds, repeat and rewind functions – ideal for audio learning content like languages
  • Voice recording – Built-in recording function allows you to capture audio in a meeting, in class or on the go


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