Sony PRS 300 Pocket e book reader now for 149.99$

July 7, 2010 | by

Sony has reduced the price of their light weight 5” screen pocket e book reader to 149.99$ from 169.99$.

This is a light weight , compact pocket version of e book utilizing E Ink Vizplex screen technology which enable paper like reading even in bright sunlight also. The customizable viewing feature facilitate font size adjustment and orientation of the screen (portrait or landscape) as per your preference.

The 512 MB of inbuilt memory can carry around 350 e books at a time. The reader Supports various file formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word, BBeB Book, txt etc.

Through Reader Library 3.0 software, can download, manage and transfer e books to the reader.  A single USB 2.0 cable is used for file transfer and charging. The software is compatible with PC and MAC.

Reader Pocket Edition provides up to two full weeks of reading (7,500 continuous page turns) on a single battery charge. The product is available in three shades-Silver, Navy blue and Rose.

Cons  of this Pocket reader are  the absence of high ended features like WiFi, Back light, Dictionary  Text to speech,  memory expansion etc.

Even after the price reduction,  in terms of price and capabilities, Sony e-books  remain less attractive than competitors’ e. For example, Barns & Noble nook Wi-Fi and the Sony Reader Pocket Edition are of the same price tag, but the Nook has built-in Wi-Fi adapter and auxiliary color screen. However, fans of Sony products know what they pay for the image, quality materials and thoughtful from an ergonomic point of view of design, so that the difference in price is not always the determining factor.


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