Take and tweet web shots through TweeShot

September 11, 2010 | by

Plenty of web shot applications are available to take the snap shot of your favorite web pages. Now a free web application TweeShot comes with a feature of “Tweet the web shots”. It is termed as the “pause button” of the dynamic internet. Means you can take the snap shot of a favorite webpage and tweet it instantly.

Through a simple twitter account authorization process you can use the service. After login via Twitter Then, you just need to copy and paste the url you want to get a shot from, choose the screenshot size, add a comment and press the “Preview Webshot” button. Once the screenshot is generated (it should take around 20 seconds), just press the “Tweet this web shot” button. You can select a particular portion of the screen shot and your own comments.

A “Live stream” Feature displays the real-time public stream of recent web shots. You can see the web shots taken by other users by entering the username. An option to delete the web shot is also available. You can place comment on any web shots and Re-Tweet it. Printing of favorite web shot is also easy with this application.

The site is offering an API for further application development based on TweeShot service.


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