Apple’s another jump: iCloud

June 7, 2011 | by

If you are tired of transferring your images, music files and documents to your phone, tablet or mp3 player separately, then the solution for you is all set to be launched called “Apple iCloud”. It is not a new device that you need to find in the stores, it’s the much awaited application announced by Apple a few months ago.

Recently, Apple’s chief executive made the announcement regarding iCloud during a conference. Apple iCloud is the next big jump that Apple has taken to make it easy for the users to avoid using different hooks and transferring their data from one device to another. You can now sync all your files whether music, documents, images, software, contacts, to-dos and so much more by using this application.

Apple icloud

What does iCloud offers?

  • Firstly, it will provide you a volume of 5GB free to transfer all your documents, contacts, mails and backup excluding the media files.
  • It is an easy-to-use application.
  • It transfers and synchronizes all your content with just one click and automatically into your other devices i.e. iPod, iPhone and iPad.
  • Easy access via your PC, Macintosh, iPhone, iPod and iPad.
  • The “scan and match” feature allows all the devices to automatically download iTunes at a time. The condition is all the devices must be registered with iTunes. An annual charge is asked and the feature of getting ripped off CDs collection will also be available by Apple.
  • No management required to handle it.
  • Works like a hard drive for the users.

The chief executive of iCloud communicated on June 6th with the web developers that the need of iCloud is important as synching the data is making us crazy. Apple iCloud was announced in May’ 2011 and is expected to release this fall and experts say it will boost up the market share of the company which recently lost a minor percentage.

Experts believe that iCloud is a great product Apple is going to launch with iOS 5 soon. It will create more excitement in the consumers and the sales volume is likely to be increased. To get your notification about iCloud launch you can visit the official website.


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