Tensions Rising Between Adobe and Apple Regarding the Flash Player

June 22, 2010 | by

Apple and Adobe are two biggest companies in the world but tensions between them are rising with each day and it’s mostly because Adobe’s Flash Player. As you surely know, Apple has patched 28 bugs in Snow Leopard operating system recently and two out of those 28 bugs were in Adobe’s Flash Player.

Tensions arose when Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs rejected Adobe Flash as slow and buggy. Adobe didn’t take that easily and said that Apple’s fixes to Flash were already outdated. According to the Brad Arkin, Adobe’s directory of security and privacy, new Mac OS x 10.6.4 update includes Flash Player but not the latest version. Immediately after that, Apple has released another security update.

Again, Adobe’s officials are claiming that Apple’s new update is using Flash Player and they have advised all Apple’s users to get the latest version of Adobe Flash Player directly from Adobe’s website. According to the Adobe, Adobe Flash Player has been released in February and now it’s seriously outdated. The latest version fixed 32 security holes and it has been released on June 10th in order to fix a famous flaw that hackers have been exploiting for past two weeks.

Interesting thing is that this is the second time that Adobe has complained about Apple’s security. As you know, Mac distributes Adobe Flash Player as a part of Mac OS updates so it happens that users are using older and vulnerable version. Similar thing happened last September when Apple released Mac OS 10.6 with the older version of Flash Player. Luckily, Apple has released a security update for it two weeks later.

Apple might be the greatest manufacturer of computers but it gets outdated when it comes to security. Therefore, if you’re using Mac OS make sure that you get latest version of Adobe Flash Player directly from the Adobe’s website.

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