The Best iPad Apps To Stay Connected

December 19, 2010 | by

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The iPad is fast becoming the most convenient device to travel with since it is small enough to be carried conveniently everywhere, and since internet access is hassle free, it keeps users connected while moving from place to place. It is the easiest way of communicating with family, friends and colleagues. Mix the Ipad with the many social media sites and you’re sure you’ll never be out of the loop again.

The iPad scored over the iPhone and other smart phones with its larger screen with better clarity to view images and text. The iPad can be updated with a number of apps that facilitates everything from sending emails to pictures, presentations, games and entertainment. Some of the must have apps for the iPad for hassle free communication and networking facilities include the following:

AltaMailWhile on the move, it is difficult to access multiple email accounts and requires more time as well. AltaMail is a great app that collects all the emails received by various accounts and these can be collected in a single inbox for printing whenever necessary. For just $4.99, it makes things easier at least where communication is concerned.

QuickVoice2Text Email The next step is to reply to emails received. While the iPad does have a larger screen, typing can be tiring. This app allows users to dictate emails and the voice gets converted into a text message for emailing. It is really cheap for $2.99 for all the convenience it brings.

Artificial 3G Internet connections may not be available everywhere for the iPad and staying connected may prove to be a problem. In such a situation, Artificial 3G is the app to have on the iPad since it helps in sending emails with attachments as well, by using the iPhone 3G network. For less than a dollar it proves to be worthwhile since there need not be any panic anymore about staying accessible and connected.

TextNow This app is free for a limited period and will come at a certain price after some time. The app gives the user a phone number that allows forwarding of calls and receiving voice mail messages with the number.

iPushit Often, while on the move, a few friends get ignored since it is expensive to send even text messages to so many people. For users who are out traveling for long periods of time, it becomes easy to slip into oblivion and be forgotten even by those you care for. To avoid this, the iPushit app helps to cut down on expenses incurred on text messages. This app helps users send text messages free.

AIM for iPad Another important way of staying connected and communicating with friends and colleagues is through social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. AIM is a classic chat client that comes to the rescue.

MyTies This is a social networking app that can be specifically personalized and helps to filter through loads of irrelevant information, while also maintaining privacy and implementing controls. It lets users share photos with a select group of people and share content even without the Web, and eases communicating with a group of people.

With all these apps communications and networking becomes so much easier, and the iPad becomes the complete solutions device.


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