Tips to select a good mobile broadband connection

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There are plenty of cheap mobile broadband options out there for anyone who wants to have the convenience of being able to connect to the internet from just about any location. Although mobile technology is still evolving, it is now at a stage where the coverage is generally pretty good, although the best way to check this is online.

One of the best places to do this is via a free comparison website such as Broadband Genie (for UK customers), which acts as a one-stop-shop for anything and everything related to mobile broadband. If you’re new to the comparison game, or are on the lookout for a better service, then the online comparison site is the quick and easy way to do this.

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Where to start

Connectivity is probably one of the main factors that most people lookout for when scrutinising the many and varied mobile broadband package options that are out there. So a coverage check is one of the best ways to get an idea of what kind of service you can expect from the mobile provider deals that you’re interested in.

However, there are lots of other factors that constitute a good mobile broadband service, with aspects such as the data allowance and speed of any deal being crucial too. If you’re a heavy mobile internet user then you’ll want to ensure that you can download and upload the amount of data that you need, so be sure to check the terms and conditions of any deal.

Speed of service

You’ll often see mobile broadband speeds quoted in an ‘up to’ scenario, which is basically because they are often much slower than you might expect. This is down to an array of different factors, including the amount of users online at any one time, geographical location, the data being transferred and so on.

If you’re a relatively lightweight internet user, who only needs to dip into email or browse the web for short periods of time then this will not be too much of a worry. If you’re looking to get a cheap mobile broadband deal then you’ll probably be able to get away without these bigger data allowances, resulting in a better price.

Other incentives

Mobile broadband is a very competitive area, so providers are always trying to come up with new incentives to get you to pick one of their packages. Lookout for special offers, as these come along all the time and can include things like free dongles, which you use to connect to the mobile broadband network.

You may also find that they throw in lots of other free or bonus features, including better data allowances plus other kit that will enhance your mobile broadband experience. Some providers will give you a free laptop as part of a contract deal and although you’ll need to sign a longer contract, this can mean that you’ll have a laptop that is yours to keep when the contract runs its course.

One of the best ways for getting yourself up and running with mobile broadband, while having no contract and the all the online flexibility you need is to plump for a pay-as-you-go deal. You simply buy a dongle, pay for some credit and get connected. Going down this route means you don’t have any contract, you only pay for what you use and you can switch providers as much as you want.

That way you can be sure you’ll always be able to get a good deal without the need for being tied into a long-term contract.

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