3 Advantages of Real Time Bidding Advertising Technology

July 13, 2011 | by

If you happen to have an online business or even a simple blog which has advertising on it, you likely have heard the buzz world ‘real time bidding’. As someone who works directly with real time bidding technology, I am writing this article to educate you on the 3 major advantages of utilizing this technology. Even if you are not an advertiser, this article will help you better understand what is potentially happening to the ads on your website (depending on your advertising provider of choice).

Increased Advertising Efficiency

One of the major benefits of using real-time bidding advertising technology is that the advertiser is achieving major efficiencies in their display ad campaigns. Showing the ads to the right audience decreases wasted impressions, utilizing optimized landing pages increases click through rates on the campaign and superior targeting capabilities ensures that the right people are seeing the right ads. The overall effect is increased efficiency of advertising campaigns and this leads to increased profitability for successful campaigns.

Superior Consumer Targeting

Until now, advertisers were only able to buy audiences online. Companies selling sporting goods could buy advertising space on websites which catered to sports, however they were really only buying buckets of views. These buckets could or could not contain profitable customers, and thus there is a great deal of chance involved in this buying process.

Real time bidding technology allows advertisers to effectively purchase one view at a time, connecting consumers to advertisers on a one-to-one level. Further, as many real-time bidding companies allow the advertiser to leverage consumer buying data, there is the potential to know which consumers are more likely to purchase an advertiser’s products and bids can be adjusted accordingly. The end goal is to target the consumers whom are most likely to purchase a product or service, and serve them the best ads. This buying process, combined with consumer data, decreases the amount of chance involved in finding profitable customers online.

Superior Branding Capabilities

Assuming that an advertiser is working with a real time bidding service provider who uses contextual advertising technology, the advertiser can leverage this contextual data to show advertising only on sites that support the company’s brand. This is a very powerful feature for advertisers looking to better their brand awareness, favorability, or for those who are potentially trying to re-position their brand.

As one can see, there are some strong advantages to utilizing real time bidding technology in your online marketing campaigns. The key to effectively taking advantage of this technology is to find a quality service provider who offers all the features mentioned above.

The author of this article is Marco Muzzi, the Marketing Director of Acuity Ads Inc., the industry leader in real time bidding technology.


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