Some useful Gmail addons to try

December 23, 2010 | by

Gmail, is the most accepted web based email with a powerful spam filtering algorithm. Other than the normal features, some good applications are also embedded in your Gmail account, but by default which are disabled. These lab applications are developed by various developers across the world and being tested by Gmail team. As a preliminary step some tested applications are available to the users for experimenting and feedback. Some of these applications can give a polished look to your Gmail account with added functionality. Here some useful addons you can try. To access the application login to your Gmail account- Click Settings menu. In settings window select “ Labs”. Here you can see the applications.I am not going through all the applications but just picking few useful applications now.

Image insert

This allows you to insert an image to your message(Not as an attachment). The image will be displayed within your message. You can insert the same from your computer of from a URL.

Undo Send

Mostly it happens, forget to add the attachments, missing some addresses, Just after hitting the send button only these things come in mind. Here this application will add an “Undo” button helps to cancel the message even after hitting the “Send” button for a few seconds. But it will not work once the message is completely sent.

Video chat Enhancements

This applications enhance the video chatting capabilities of your Gmail account. This include high resolution bigger window.


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