QR 678 – A new therapy for baldness

September 19, 2010 | by

Happy news for bald people and a solution for the hair loss worries. Hyderabad based doctors  Dr Debraj Shome and Dr Rinky Kapoor have announced the invention of a special solution for hair fall and rapid hair growth in bald head. They run a clinic named Esthetic Clinic located at the Apollo Hospital City Hyderabad.

Dr Rinky Kapoor and Dr Debraj Shome

This is a stem cell molecule injection therapy. This molecule is named QR 678. Their site says that the preliminary studies revealed an 80% hair growth within 6 months of time for more than 90% of people who tried this injection therapy. Moreover in some cases the results were better than the hair transplantation surgery. The product is a result of the 4 years rigorous research and is being patented.

There are different factors involve in  hair growth of human beings. They identified one of such factor which led development of this product. These artificially developed molecules in lab will be injected to the skin which stimulates the hair growth.

For this treatment no hospitalization is required. QR 678 molecules will be injected to the scalp with small painless injections. A session of injection is about 15 minutes long. One ml of medicine is required for one session. Like this total 8 sessions are required spaced 2-3 weeks apart. Cost of one session is Rs 5000/- means a total of 40,000/- for the complete treatment. Till now more than 500 people have already successfully tested this treatment  including the pop singer Anadia.

More details and appointment Contact Mr Sheetal of The Esthetic Clinik on +919573617914.

Courtesy: The Esthetic Clinic


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