Tips to select a good Plasma Television

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Plasma Televisions in recent years have altogether revolutionised the entertainment industry with its splendid technology packed within it. Advanced features, excellent style, amazing design and splendid looks makes this awesome entertainer stand out from the rest of the TV technologies.

When one makes up his mind to buy a plasma TV, he must be sure that he is getting a good model. It is not just because of the expensive purchase he is going to make, but to see that he selects the right model with required features in it. Thus while going in for the features, he would be able to know more about the plasma features that are introduced and also to avoid those models with unnecessary features.

Selecting a right plasma TV for the available budget is utmost important. In fact cheap plasma TVs are not that cheap. This is because the price of the plasma television increases as one starts stretching over the screen size. It is necessary that you prioritize your needs before you decide to buy a new plasma TV.

The following points are to be considered while selecting a right and good plasma TV.

  • Screen size

Screen size is considered as an important factor to decide upon because this feature is directly related to the price of the product. As the screen size increases, the price of the product also increases. Therefore the first and foremost step must be to decide about the screen size. And for this, you will need to measure the size of the room and the space where you want the plasma TV to be set up. You can then decide about the screen size depending upon these factors. There must be 3 inches of space around the top of the plasma TV and if you plan to attach the speakers to the TV, there must be 3 to 6 inches of space available. Also check that you have 6 to 10 feet of space between you and the TV for 32″ to 37″ screen, about 10″ to 14″ for 42″ screen and about 12″ to 16″ for 50″ screen size.

  • High Definition Television

High Definition Televisions(HDTV) are considered more expensive than the Enhanced Definition Televisions(EDTV). But the quality of the picture depends upon the manufacturer and the input signal. HDTV units are considered to be better with HD tuner or PC inputs. Whereas for DVD, satellite and regular cable connection, an EDTV plasma TV is better.

  • Audio options

You can choose audio options between built-in or external choices. External audio types deliver better sound quality and is good for home theatre systems which require a lot of wattage. Presently, Sony and Philips are the only manufacturers providing built in speakers. You can also go for slim and flat speakers that are attached to the sides of the TV.

  • Mounting type

Flat wall mounts are more affordable and the most common types of wall mounts. These types of mounts are directly attached to the wall. You can go for a tilt wall mount when the TV has to be positioned high up on the wall so that you can angle your display accordingly. You can also go for a table stand which is more of a traditional setup and more flexible.Other special set ups are TV cart, a ceiling mount or an articulating wall mount.

  • Brand and model

These factors determine the quality of the product. At present, Panasonic is top rated followed by Samsung and Philips models. It would be better if you read through some of the reviews so that it would be easy for you to compare the prices and features of various models.

  • Dealer

There are various options to find for a dealer. There are “big box” retailers and online dealers. There are also specialty stores that offer more models but have higher prices. Online dealers offer low price but is less reliable. Some of the online dealers are authorized while some offer an extended warranty. It is always better to read some of the resources of online dealers before purchasing one.

  • Other factors to be considered
  1. High contrast ratio of 10000:1, resolution of 1920 x 1080p, panel life of about 60000 hours, 1 year warranty with parts and labor are considered as better.
  2. If plasma TVs are labeled as “HDTV compatible” or “HDTV ready”, it does not mean that it comes with a built-in HDTV tuner.
  3. Read the customer reviews to know more about the product as these reviews are written only after the actual purchase and usage of the product.
  4. If plasma TVs are labeled as monitor, it means that it does not come with speakers. Therefore make sure you get the external options.

You can research the product by checking if the additional features that you have chosen are available in the model. You can also download the product manual if available online and know more about the features available in the models. Price of the product does not relate to the quality of performance of the television. Hence, price of the product must not be taken as a basic factor to decide upon any particular model. If you need additional features in it, then see to that those functions are available in it. Proper analysis of the product is necessary before you decide to purchase any item, be it the consumer electronic goods or any other item as such.

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