Top 5 Android Tips and Utilities That Keep Your Phone Fast

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Who does not want a fast mobile phone? Especially when it comes to low end devices having a basic processor and less RAM, having a few utilities to keep your mobile phone running fast is necessary. While most of the Android mobile phones out there are very fast, there are a few which become slow now and then, may be due to less memory available for consumption.

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1. Use Android Assistant

This is one of my favorite Android apps. With Android Assistant you will never face a slow Android gadget again. It works on almost every Android mobile phone and it’s performance is brilliant. It kills all the running apps, useless processes and it’s just like restarting your mobile phone.

2. Optimize your memory card

By optimizing I mean to say delete all the unnecessary files from your Android mobile’s memory card. Delete all the rubbish files (useless thumbnails, music you no longer listen to, etc). This is not a perfect solution to have a fast system, but believe me this tips works far better than some others mentioned here. Less load = more speed!

3. Store files on your mobile’s internal SD card

This is a new trick I just found out today. I decided to move music files from my mobile’s external SD card to the internal SD card. After the transfer process, I just restarted my phone and it loaded very fast. Also the performance was very good. Shifting files from external to internal SD card will surely make your mobile phone fast. This may not work in case your mobile phone has small internal memory. Samsung Galaxy SL has about 2 GB’s of internal memory so this trick proves very handy!

4. Widgets Cause a Menace

If your home screen uses a lot of widgets, you can expect nothing but a slow mobile phone. For example my mobile phone has 5 widgets on my home screen. This includes a clock, a weather widget, power control widget and a quotes widget, not to forget a few application shortcuts as well. It’s too much, but my Galaxy S can handle it pretty well. But if you have a low end device, make sure you use less widgets, 2-3 is what I suggest. Use only necessary widgets like clock and weather and a few icons to your favorite apps.

5. It’s just an Android, not a super computer!

While Android is made for smart phones, it’s not at all right to compare with a super computer. Don’t end up installing hundreds of apps in your mobile phone just to end up having a tortoise like slow computer! Install only necessary apps and remove the unused ones.

So guys did you ever try these tips and how was the result? Please do let us know your views on this post!

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