Why Duplicate content is Worth Nothing!

May 1, 2011 | by

This is undoubtedly the era of content driven Blogs and websites. The internet is all about network of websites serving their visitors with useful information and the success of your website is simply the value you provide to your readers.

Today I would like to emphasize on the importance of using original and unique content on your blog and website. There are thousands of auto blogs and spam blogs springing up each day without realizing the fact that duplicate or copied content is simply worth nothing!

If you are a professional blogging aspirant and have a dream of developing a content driven successful business model then there are few negative aspects of using copied or “inspired” content from other blogs or websites, below are some real good reasons why you should not copy or reuse content from other websites.

  1. Copied content rarely gets appreciated when the original content is around.
  2. Search engine algorithms are smart enough to identify Spinned and copied content.
  3. The copyrighted content author could always raise a DMCA notice to sue you.
  4. Advertising networks like Adsense could ban your website for ever.
  5. You could get caught in the Google sandbox and be banned from search engines.

How smart Search engine algorithms could hold you by the neck

We are lucky to have some great search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. These Search engine giants have dedicated research teams continuously working on developing and improving their search algorithms to identify and rank quality results above not so great content.

If you have heard about the Google Panda algorithm update (Latest Google search algorithm update) that emphasizes on improving the search result quality by pushing duplicate and copied content on the internet down the ladder.

If you are serious about your blog or website, make sure you write unique and quality content as it could fetch you some good traffic from search engines in the long run.

Original content is always preferred by people and bots

You will rarely find a blog or website being appreciated for writing about information that is already available on the internet. This is the era where unique ideas and information is appreciated almost immediately. The same goes with search engines, the algorithms are smart enough to identify the content indexed date and thereby sort the content based on their relevance.

Copyright Infringement could be dangerous

As your website or blog starts to become popular, there is a good chance that the copied content could fall in the vicinity of the original content owner. Copyrighted content being replicated on your blog or website could lead to chances of you receiving a DMCA take down notice and further might also lead to your website being sued for content theft.

No one loves to be banned

Duplicate content could get your URL or website banned altogether in many ways like:

  • Your website could be banned by Google from search if a DMCA complaint is raised to Google.
  • Observing too much of duplicate content could lead to the search engines banning your website.
  • Duplicate content violates the Google Adsense TOS (terms of service) and this will handicap your website from future earning potential.

Take Home: If you are keen about building a clean and successful blog, I would strongly recommend you to have a organized and dedicated approach towards writing quality, unique and valuable content. This will certainly help you succeed as a ProBlogger.

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