Why Samsung Galaxy Y Is A Budget Android Smartphone for Youth?

January 17, 2012 | by

Samsung Galaxy Y is truly a budget Android Smartphone targeting the youth, but do you know what tempts our new generation about this Android smartphone. Let me modify the question for you a bit, what youth wants as a feature in a smartphone. Or what is so alluring about this Samsung Galaxy Y? Let’s list them down.

samsung galaxy y youth smartphone

Youth Wants

  • Brand

Be it an addition to their wardrobe, be it a nice new funky watch, be it a cool pair of shoes, youth always like to tagged with branded products. So why lag behind when it comes to gadgets or a cool new smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Y is one of them, a pure blend of Samsung Inc. and Android OS. Samsung being the leader, has done a job worth appreciating by launching Samsung Galaxy Y, thus targeting the youth. Not only branded, this cool gadget has a lot of room for alluring features and specifications.

  • Easy To Carry Device

Youth symbolizes energy, hot blooded generation, no time to take care of things they carry, that’s why Samsung has designed it a easy to carry device, small design, rough looks capable of wearing and tearing’s. Samsung Galaxy Y being of compact design provides easy handling and does not provide any hindrance in carrying the device.

  • Connectivity Features

Youth want to socialize, want to stay in touch with their friends and followers, this is the reason, Why Samsung Galaxy Y has all sort of connectivity features using which our new generation can socialize with others on the go. This mere gadget has all the powerful features a user can expect in a budget Android Smartphone according to the ongoing trend. Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi are the features which makes it a powerful gadget worth targeting the new generation.

  • Good music

Though, camera and features can be compromised, but a phone which is to target youth, have to have a good music functionalities and lots of music features on which the new generation can groove upon. Samsung Galaxy Y provides a good music experience considering the budget and compared to the other Android Smartphone within the same range. Though, a nice pair of headset jack can take your music experience to the new level. A must try gadget if music is what you want.

  • Fast processor, Good Web Browsing

Youth are witty, youth wants to get their job done in a minimal time, considering the same, Samsung has embedded a 832 MHz processor in this mere Android device. With fast processor, users can access and use the smartphone easily, can even try their hands on multi-tasking too. With fast processor users won’t feel any lag when it comes to web browsing on the go.

  • Rough and Tough Smartphone

Not made of any special material though, still Samsung Galaxy Y can be considered as a rough and tough device to carry. It is it’s compact design which makes it a rough and tough device.

  • Interesting Things

You must be aware of, Android being the powerful mobile operating system, has a loads of applications(Android Market) to try on, where the users can enjoy the apps that interests them the most. Where youth is always on a way to try something new and different, though, using the Android Market and other sources to download the Android apps users can keep themselves busy.

Last but not the least, as mentioned above..

  • Budget Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Y (Youth)

Above all, Samsung Galaxy Y is one of the best when it comes to features as well as the price. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s the only smartphone in this segment which has so much features and even more than it’s competitors(which are priced higher than this). Samsung has done a job worth appreciating by launching this great Android device, which not only a great device in itself, but also symbolizes youth too.

So what’s your opinion about this Smartphone, is it a perfect smartphone to symbolize youth or you have any other image in your mind?


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