WordPress Plugin- Displays Animated Twitter Bird

March 12, 2011 | by

Nowadays Twitter is an integral part of each and every website. This phenomenal little bird is hovering  with millions of tweets across the web. A number of scripts and plugins are available to integrate Twitter with your site. Most of the Twitter badges are stationary or floating type. Now here a different WordPress plugin to display an Animated flying  Twitter Bird in your blog. In this Page your can see the Flying Twitter Bird.

Animated Twitter Bird Plugin

This is a simple plugin powered with the Java Script Code developed by (The script is released under GNU/GPL license) . This simple WordPress plugin will display an animated Twitter bird settles on different elements of your site’s visible area. If a user scroll the page, bird will fly towards the visible part and settle in a new place. The bird takes random paths for flying which gives more natural look. If you place the cursor over it  a “tweet-this” – and “follow-me” link appears. Through this the visitor can tweet the article or follow the blog. Apart from these your recent tweet can be optionally displayed in a bubble.

animated twitter bird


The Animated Twitter Bird plugin has been listed in Worpress Plugins repository . Installation method is same as other WordPress Plugins. Plugin Page at WordPress


As a first version more features are not incorporated with this plugin. After installation and activation click the AnimatedTwitterBird under Settings menu of your WordPress Admin back end.


In the option page enter your Twitter account id. The other option to decide whether to display the tweet balloon or not.

In coming versions more configuration options will be added such as Changing the Bird Colour, Size, Flying Speed etc. Test this Plugin in your blog and post comments.


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