10 iPad Apps for productive use of iPad

January 27, 2011 | by

iPad is currently the most sold tablet device from Apple with threats coming from Android tablets. We hear rumors of iPad 2 coming with great features, so if you are planning to go for an iPad, just hold on for few months or you may regret. iPad after the update to iOS 4.2 is really great. We have the multi-tasking option which we were missing during the initial release.

After I started using iPad (wifi/3G), I do not need to carry my laptop when I travel. At my office I use wifi and when I am on the move the 3G comes to rescue. We need to use micro SIM for iPad, if not available with the service provider, just cut it, it works well.

What are the major tasks that we do with our laptop ? Check emails, take notes, appointments, calender, read / write documents, write a blog post, etc. Most of these can be done using an iPad, but it can never substitute a laptop or a PC.

Here are 10 applications which I use the most other than the standard apps like the email client, calendar, etc.

Pages – Pages is the application which we can do things that we do with Microsoft Word or in MAC we have iWork. You can edit your word documents using this app

Numbers – This is an application for iPad which can be used to create or edit excel files. You can create impressive spreadsheets using this application

Print Central – I use this application to print documents from my iPad. You can almost print every type of document using your network printer. I use this at my office and works great for me. The latest iOS for iPad supports wireless printing but only with supported printers (Wifi Support)

FTP on the Go – If you are blogger and you need to upload or download some files from your server, this application would be handy. You can perform most of the tasks that you would need using this application

Dropbox РA must have application. Create a free account with dropbox, you get 2MB space for free account. I use this mainly to synchronize my files with my iPad, iPhone, Macbook Pro, home PC and office PC. These screenshots were taken from my ipad, edited using PS Express dropped into my dropbox and I am writing this post using my home PC. The images got synchronized in no time.

Photoshop Express – Edit images, comes handy when you need to optimize your pictures for your blog post

Brush – If you are an artist, its a great tool. I use this to write notes on images when I need images for tutorials.

BlogPress – My favourite blogging tool when I am travelling. I have tried even the latest version of WordPress for iPad, but there are still lots of bugs to be cleared. This application works great, you can upload images, supports WordPress, blogger and most of the popular blogging services. Latest version supports multi tasking.

Desi Radio – Listen to music, FM radio stations in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, etc. You need to be connected to listen to the live programs. I have even tested this over 3G, works without breaks.

Office HD – You can create / edit your Google Docs files using this application. This application also supports Dropbox.

There are tons of apps available for iPad which really does great stuff like the Twitter app for iPad, Skype now with video support, RSS readers, etc.

The only problem that I face with iPad is the missing camera. Hopefully iPad 2 will come with all the wishlist fulfilled

Please share your thoughts and applications that you use on iPad


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