5 Factors to Know Before Starting Link Building

August 17, 2011 | by

It has been many years now that links have remained the basis of the ranking algorithm of Google. On the basis of an SES presentation in London this year, five things that must be known by you are suggested below.

1) Be aware of links being the most significant factor in ranking

Many aren’t yet aware that 90% of what’s required of them is getting further websites to link to theirs.

Nonetheless, merely getting five to ten links in one month would never be a sufficiently large volume nowadays, and one should concentrate in finding out the sort of links you require getting.

2) Stay away from paid link networks

In view of the fact that Google scrutinizes the superiority of the links of a website and the charge of acquiring them a good suggestion is never to make use of a link network in purchasing links because of them creating a spike of inferior quality links.

3) Develop brand authority by using ‘your brand’ links

Regarding link building, the greater number of brand links increases your brand authority in Google. As the Smaller businesses lack the natural online brand presence online of the larger companies it is a good idea to proactively put up brand links.

4) Have the right mix of ‘link quality’

While link building, your back link shape ought to appear as normal as achievable.

On all the back links to your website being from very lowly ranked pages with no superior quality links or all being from high ranking websites with no middle or low quality links, Google might find this shape abnormal to look at.

The most excellent link setting would be the majority of the back links being of the mid-range quality.

5) Get great links by means of content syndication

A customary means of securing links for a site is by content syndication. On many occasions, to get the best returns by means of one’s content is able to be realized by disregarding article websites and proceeding directly to blogs that wish for content. If one is able to have plenty of new content in many blogs that all links back to his/her website, such links are able to be influential.

One should accept link building to be a hard task and one that takes time to deliver results and be reasonable as all links built by you require passing a manual human evaluation and it just takes a single complaint from one chief SEO blog /newspaper for you to be able to get penalized.



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