Google Health revamped with new design and applications

September 15, 2010 | by

The Google Health service was started about 2 years ago to store organize and monitor health and wellness information of users. Today Google announced the re-design of Google Health and addition of new features according to public feedback.

The new Google Health dashboard is integrated with health and wellness information. Means you can see and organize both health and wellness information in a single place.

You can keep the record of your wellness records like weight, height, BMI, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate etc in a systematic order with a date ticker and can set targets for improvement. If you want to lose blood pressure or lower your cholesterol, or reduce the weight you can easily do so and then see a graphical representation of your progress.

Google health is now integrated with other agencies who offer Health and wellness services. Once you link with them then they will read your health profile and send the updates to your profile automatically such as medical records or prescription histories.

The new integration tools enable users to monitor their wellness through various compatible electronic devices like Fitbit. The wellness records   stored in Fitbit can be easily transferred to your Google Health profile.You can upload the soft copy of your medical records to your Health profile for reference and preservation (Maximum 4 MB).

Aaron Brown, Senior Product Manager of  Google says  “ With this update, we’ve made Google Health an even more powerful tool for organizing all your health information online, and also for achieving your health and wellness goals. We think you’ll find that organized, measurable and engaging information helps make it easier to achieve better health and  wellness.”


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