Aardvark with Google a perfect blend?

February 14, 2010 | by

google varkAnother feather in the Google’s crown- Aardvark. Google has acquired Aardvark, the young and leading social search engine, which provide you the best person to answer your question in a particular topic.  Web world witnessed the potential growth of  this different concept,  since the beta launch(March 2009)

Vark says about the acquisition by Google – “We want social search to reach hundreds of millions people around the world, and joining with Google lets us reach that scale — we’re also excited to work with the team at Google: our company has a culture that was inspired by Google in many ways, and we have a lot of respect for the folks who work there”

Now you can join Vark by signing up with your Google id through . Aardvark is available as a Google application too. Once you join the Vark with Google id,   Advark can be added in your chat contact,  can ask and answer the relevant questions.

The more details and anatomy of Aardvark here


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