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November 16, 2010 | by

The case which comes with ModulR iPad is not just a cover alone. It serves much purpose. You can fix your iPad on wall or a fridge by attaching ModulR with Slim Mount and a stand which are both accessories of ModulR. Both these stand and mount can be bought for $99 and I purchased them. Some other parts of ModulR are to be introduced shortly in the market.

With the cover intact on the iPad you could access headphone jack, connector port and microphone. Also it gives access to iPod’s switch used for locking, but it is difficult to operate the switch with such a small opening. But the volume button and sleep wake buttons could not be accessed with cover. On the rear side you can see a circle which talks about the logo of Apple iPad. Also you will find four projecting nubs in back side which are used while connecting the iPad with other parts of ModulR.

Even though the company says these nubs are meant for providing comfort for holding the laptop firmly I found it hard too small to offer support at ease. The cover also offers protection to the screen of i-Pad. The enclosed cover offers small gaps in the top portion and bottom portion of the case.

The stand of iPad comes in metallic form sheltered with rubber stoppers which connects the two knobs located at the rear side. The stand makes one comfortable to erect the iPad in two different angles as per your choice – one is in vertical form for easy access of media and the other is the angle which offers easy typing access. My choice would be the later one in typing angle. The stand can also be used to make your laptop stand in portrait position. You can accommodate this iPad along with the stand in your bag with some more space. And the stand really serves for the correct positioning of the laptop in two different forms.

You can make use of slim mount for placing your laptop on the wall and use the magnets for attaching it firmly on the refrigerator. In my view, many people prefer the way of mounting it by magnet. The disadvantage in mounting it on the wall is it allows you to access the iPad only on landscape form and portrait form which generally is not possible.

One thing I observed about the ModulR iPad is the covering is not designed to afford firm grip on the hands. Even though it does not feel exactly like using iPad without a case still it is offering lesser firmness or support than I imagined it to be. The case is less weight by its texture and of high quality. The case along with the stand could serve the purpose in better ways. If you not going to travel much with your iPad on your hand then the discomfort of the stand does not matter at all. Anyway, ModulR serves as the best tool to fix the laptop when you are using it.


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