Rhapsody, World’s first Video album composed using 5000 still images from a Nikon D 20 Camera

August 7, 2011 | by


A new experiment in Video Albums. World’s first musical video video Album created by using around 5000 still images captured through a Nikon D 20 camera. Pure still images are used for making this album, completely eliminated chrome and animated shots. See the video. The album is in Malayalam language but I sure it  that will not stop youSmile

This beautiful album is the brain child of Mr Ragesh Narayan. His team took around one and half years to complete this mammoth effort.  This six minute video is a compilation of 172 shots and 20 image layers for each shots. Images are blended using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe aftereffect and Avid Media Composer. Watch the making of Rhapdody . This will give you a clear picture about the techniques used.



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