The Best iPad Applications For Business

June 25, 2010 | by

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It has been a norm mentality to entrepreneurs or corporate people the time is equals to money. As these people often have plenty going on in their minds and they need to keep up with the time, they can utilize the Apple communication devices to ease their jobs. Now, the iPad can be upgraded with several specialized business applications.

For entrepreneurs who are using the Apple iPad Tablet, here is the best moment for you. You can enjoy upgrade your iPad using the business iPad applications to comply with your daily needs. There are two free applications available: the Dragon Dictation and Nuance Communications. With these iPad applications, you can even save up your money hiring secretaries as they can perform secretarial jobs too. They are great to the extent that they can talk and send signals to the server cloud then return with the voice recognition transcription. However do not use this iPad application to deliver national secrets to people in the NSA. If you are worried about any interceptions, you can transcribe a reporter using the iTalk.

Other business applications include the Cisco and Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. The latest Cisco WebEx Meeting Center allows mobility and you are only a convincing pitch away from absolute freedom if you company is using the WebEx Meeting system. With this application you can carry on with the meeting anytime and at anywhere besides being able to view it in a full screen completed with audio and also documentation sharing. But before that, you will need to install another application from the before you can access to the luxury of meeting when vacationing.

There are also other free iPad applications such as the Mobile UPS, USPS Mobile, and FedEx Mobile for the iPhone. These are very intelligent applications where they carry out the tasks that you instruct. You can call for a pickup or obtain the length of a broadcast from your iPad via the Wi-Fi. These are one must-have application for iPad users which are extremely beneficial, especially in knowing the condition of your package when you are traveling.

The Office2Plus and Byte Squared are business applications where you can access to your documents and send them to the email or with further upgrading iPad applications, you can even edit Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word files. But the further advancements are not available for free.


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