Ten things to keep in mind before purchasing a netbook

January 6, 2010 | by

Net books are nowadays  become popular due to multiple reasons. Here some tips to keep in mind before purchasing a Netbook.

  1. Netbooks cannot become a complete replacement of Laptops or desktops. Don’t purchase Netbooks only because of  the cheap price. You have to sacrifice many facilities  for the sake of  money.
  2. None of the net books are embedded with optical drives (CD/DVD) but optical storage devices like CD and DVDs are still not obsolete. Moreover most of the operating systems and other softwares are still available through CDs / DVDs
  3. Purchase Netbooks if you give the first preference to portability.apple_netbook_2
  4. Battery backup is always important for an ultra portable device. Many Netbooks are coming with 3 cell battery pack. It will give you only 2 to 3 hours of life. Go for a Netbook with 6 cell battery pack, it can give you at-least 6 to 8 hours of usage.
  5. Buy the Netbooks with LED back light. It can give more battery life.
  6. Net books are generally have 8-to-10-inch wide screens . None have full-size keyboards—they usually range from 89 percent to 93 percent of full size—so expect a more cramped typing experience and eye strain on prolonged use as compared  with a mainstream laptop.
  7. Remember,  most of the Netbooks  come with only 1GB RAM, that means you cannot install and use high ended softwares and operating systems  with this limited memory.
  8. Low ended laptops are still available at the cost of Netbooks and which are much superior to Netbooks in many ways (other than portability).
  9. Upgradation of Netbook hardware is very difficult– almost impossible. Ensure that the Netbooks are embedded with blue-tooth, wifi and card readers.
  10. As the name indicates it is very much suitable to browse the internet on move because it is ultra portable, you can purchase this as an additional device for your portable needs.


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